Bluetooth Advertising

"New crowd of mobile customers,
Then you gotta go where they go and be where they hang out!"

Do you want to outwit your competition, increase brand awareness or improve customer relationship, then leverage on the latest technology of Bluetooth Advertising provided by 3HD Media to WOW your customers and be ahead of the game.

We will help you achieve this goal by offering superior technology in

  • Broadcast location-based coupons.
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Localized information.
  • Gaming and music.
  • Content on demand.
  • Specific and targeted campaign.

It's a breakthrough in technology which 3HD Media has developed wherein one could communicate through Bluetooth for a distance of up to 250 meters.

According to the latest numbers, mobile telephony is expanding at the rate of 20 million customers a month and there are currently 23 mobiles for every landline phone. Taking this into consideration
Media, with the help of Bluetooth advertising, can help you develop Business Opportunities in restaurants & cafes, bars & nightclubs, cinemas & theatres, offices schools, colleges, & universities, retail outlets & shopping malls, banks, exhibitions & events, public places, airports & train stations.

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