BMM/ BMS (Journalism)

Student have to organize a Press Conference in the particular city where they are undergoing their courses (the topic of the Press Conference would be given to them it could either be a launch of a movie or the launch of a new product).

  • Prepare a Proposal Letter and PPT for the event.
  • Calling journalist for the Press Conferences - Print Media, Electronic Media & Online Media.
  • Organizing the place for the Press Conference ( could be own college hall in your city)
  • Organizing Volunteers.
  • Follow up with the Print Media / Electronic Media and Online Media after the press conference till the media brief is released.
  • Organize local celeb to cover the Press Conference.
  • Make arrangement for press release, photos & videos etc. as per the required size of the medium.
  • Organize 1 or more local sponsor against branding to cover up the basic cost.
  • Sponsors will be taken only to cover the basic cost of the event.
  • Planning the budget for the event, so it fits the sponsors limit.

    Permissions: Obtain all necessary permissions if required.


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