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3HD Media CSR Terms and Conditions

To Qualify
For the CSR certificate you have to give a demo on mobile applications that will help the public in general over various issues related to CSR. These demonstrations must be given to at least 50 citizens in the city of your choice. There will be no charges which will be borne by you because the CSR training module will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone.

Duration of the Training Programme:
Should be for around 30minutes anytime during the day.

CSR Project:
The project could be done with 2  of your friends in your locality. After completing the project you will have to send the details of all those who have participated as per the below mentioned format.
The details must be submitted as per the below format. For example

Name of Participant Mobile Number Email Id City Gender/Age Occupation
(give details)
  Ms.Priya Malhotra 1234567890     Mumbai F / 20 Student
Mr. Ajay Kapoor 1236548970 Delhi M/ 24 Manager- Vodafone Ltd.

Mobile Video Streaming
Location Based Advertising
Bluetooth Advertising
Internet Advertising
Video SMS
Video Emails
WiFi Advertising
Product Launches
Social Media
Regional Voice SMS
Mobile Video Training
Internship Programmes
CSR Certificate: ( View Sample CSR Certificate )
After verifying the same and if found correct the CSR certificate will be sent by post to the respective candidates. You will also have a link with your photograph on showing that you have completed a CSR project and this could help you for any kind of future prospects irrespective of which corporate house you may join. (Follow us on facebook)