Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1.) How do I apply for Summer Internship?

  • Just log on to www.3hdmedia .com/internship and fill up the application form.
2.) To be a part of this internship do I have to pay any charges?
  • No, this internship is absolutely free of cost.
3.) When will I get my offer letter?
  • After your application form is submitted within 48 hours your offer letter will be in your mail box.
4.) Can I do my internship in any part of India?
  • Yes , you can. For e.g : if you are located in Delhi in the application form you can mention Delhi as your required city of choice.
5.) What is the duration of this internship?
  • 1-2 Months.
6.) Do you offer any kind of stipend?
  • No , it is an unpaid internship.
7.) What is my benefit after I complete my internship?
  • At the end of your internship you will receive a certificate which will help you wherever you may go for a job interview.
8.) Why must I form a group?
  • A Group is necessary as you have to organize events and to organize these events you need to have your own team . In other words events cannot be handled all alone. The reason we are giving you to manage an event so that you have real live experiences.
9.) Could I take any friends to form my group?
  • Yes, your group can consist of any number of friends from any verticals or colleges.
10.) Can I chat online with your office if I have any queries ?
  • Yes , you can catch us online between 9:00am Ė 6:00pm on
11.) What does HOD mean in the internship application form?
  • HOD stands for Head of the department of your college placement cell or it can be your placement coordinator. If you donít have the phone no. of your HOD or your placement coordinator then you can put the phone no. of your college.
12.) I have received my offer letter with reference code and it states that I have to form my own group .how can I create my own team with this reference code?
  • Every candidate who fills up the application form receives a reference code .e.g (3HDM1000). This reference code helps us to know your team members. You have to inform your friends to fill up the same application form which you have filled up and the reference code should be typed after their last name.For e.g
    First Name Rajesh
    Last Name Saxena
    Ref Code 3HDM1000
13.) If I am opting to do my Internship in Marketing, HR, Finance or Telecom / Operation / System etc. will I get my core vertical?
  • Yes, during the internship you will be working in your respected verticals Marketing in Marketing, Finance in Finance, HR in HR etc.
14.) Would you help me with more details on internship?

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