Location Based Advertising

“Get ready to ‘light a fire’ under your profit generation” by getting acquainted with the latest & the trendiest Location based advertising technology brought to you by the IT team of 3HD Media.

3HD Media provides the "PUSH" technology wherein you can send any content to a wireless mobile device at any time even without the subscriber's request. In push LBA, advertising messages are sent to a consumer's cell phone (or mobile device) based on a particular consumer's location and previously stated product preference.

3HD Media also offers "PULL" technology wherein users can interact with our mobile applications and the offers are presented in a standard pull advertising model (specially designed by 3HD Media). Through this medium we provide advertisements specific to the location of the consumer delivered to the mobile device only when it is explicitly requested for. In this type of LBA, the consumer initiates the request for advertising or promotions for preferred product categories close to his/her location.

With 3HD Media's LBA technology you can capture your target easily, increase impulsive buying, develop stronger one-to-one relationship marketing, and boost psychological nurturing thus increasing your ROI.

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