Mobile Video Streaming

"If you're brand in not on the mobile, your market share is getting smaller and smaller..."

3HD Media provides a unique mobile video streaming technology on the 2G & 3G networks that streams up to 18 FPS (Frames per second which is as good as a normal television) by using only 60 kbps of bandwidth. 3HD Media with its latest video streaming- proprietary compression technology built by our team of IT professionals can deliver the smoothest video, clearest audio and richest multimedia experience which no other company can provide that too both on the 2G & 3G networks.

3HD Media’s end-to-end solution enables mobile video streaming from any mobile handset right from the high end to the low end devices. We will help your brand reach its right audience & keep you updated with the ever evolving demography.

According to this Streaming Media post, the H1 2011 Allot Mobile Trends Report found a 93 percent increase in mobile video streaming during the first half of 2011. This growth accounts for 39 percent of all mobile bandwidth, and makes video the largest single consumer of the available mobile bandwidth & 3HD Media is very much aware of this fact.

Unify and expand your organization’s mobile video communications today with the help of 3HD Media!

Mobile Video Streaming
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