Regional Voice SMS

India is a land of regional diversity with more than 22 languages and thousands of dialects.

In India there are more than 850 million mobile phone users and only 10% of these users speaks English.

Inspite of this most of the interactions on the mobile phone takes place in English

It would be any marketers dream come true if he could communicate to rural india in their own language through the mobile phone

Regional voice based SMS services enhances the quality of your communication by making interactions more meaningful.

Don't just convey but stay connected with your customers through voice SMS

Features & Benefits of Voice SMS

  • Broadcast in all Regional languages
  • A Mechanism for inbuilt feedback
  • Immediate call connect
  • Instant MIS
  • Emotional Appeal

So what are you waiting for call 3HDMedia and take advantage of technology at its best in this fast changing world.

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