WiFi Advertising

You just need to get their attention, invoke their desire & lead them to take action by walking through your doors & you will make more money!!!

Traditional marketing tactics have to be reinvented to keep up with technology and the ever evolving demography.  3HD Media creates a direct response marketing opportunity that will give you information that has not been available through traditional means with the help of WIFI advertising.

"The bottom line is that WiFi puts butts in seats," Our brand of WIFI technology is designed to build a stronger one-on-one connection with your desired target audience.

3HD Media's WIFI advertising system can be used to:

  • Pre-qualify leads for your business by determining which users are meeting your specific prequalification metrics.
  • Provide valuable product feedback directly from your consumers.
  • Provide the multiple branding opportunities necessary to convert potential customers.

3HD Media, through its WIFI advertising system attracts what you are looking for. We have created a unique branding and data collection opportunity for advertisers wanting to reach their target audience. Our software delivers targeted advertising campaigns and collects the data for you in an easy-to-use and download interface.

 Our unique opportunity and proven technology will advance your marketing effort.

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