Greetings from 3HD Media!

Here comes an opportunity to join hands with 3HD Media the pioneers in digital media. The digital media is a fast growing industry & today the total digital media spend in India is approximately five thousand Crores & this is expected to become ten thousand Crores by the year 2014

Just to give you an example if facebook was a country, it could be the 3rd largest country in the world with the highest per capital income arenít you excited about this so come join us we have various openings in the following categories. We also accept freshers for all the below mention job categories, so what are you waiting for call us for an appointment on 022 -66661314

  • Technical (Information Technology)
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Client Servicing
  • HR
  • Journalism
  • Excitement Managers

In case you are wandering what the job of an Excitement Manager is then read on We are looking for qualified individuals who endorse and embody the 'Work hard, Party hard' spirit QUALIFICATION NO BAR..Their only job is to create excitement around the Brands that we work with and keep coming up with out of the box innovative ideas.

» Position Vacant: Ambassadors of Work Hard - Party Hard.
» Organization Name: 3HD Media
» Qualification Required: A degree in living life to the fullest, Master's in Work Hard, Party Hard.

Job Description/Responsibilities
» Attend some of the most happening parties thrown by the brand.
» Get to invite friends and play host to these bashes.
» At times, make crucial decisions- like who will make it to the guest list of the brand's events?
» Spread the word about the brand and how the brand makes you feel through both
   offline and on-line channels.
» Contribute creative ideas to reinforce the brand experience.
» Demonstrate the motto of 'Work Hard, Party Hard' in all that you do.

Desired profile of the candidate
» Should live by the motto of 'Work Hard, Party Hard'.
» Should be over 21 years of age.
» Should be able to handle the spotlight.

Location of posting
Most happening party places in the country

Accomodation could be provided to candidates applying form outside Mumbai

About Our Company:

3HD Media is a rich media digital agency into Mobile Video Streaming, Location Based Advertising (LBS), Bluetooth Advertising, Internet Advertising, WiFi Advertising, Product Launches and Social Media.

3HD Media also makes access from wireless devices which involves preparing, managing and delivering content in a usable and appropriate format to the end users†

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